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I got an interesting message from someone regarding the last blog. The person who sent it was asking questions about the Special II that I used in the video and assumed that it had been meticulously set up before it was played… so I just thought I would clarify. The Special II used was one that has been hanging on the wall in the offices here at Epiphone for literally, about 5 years. In fact, there was so much dust on it I had to clean it up before I really wanted to touch it. Haha. So what you are hearing is a completely stock guitar with no set-up and some really old strings! I guess there will always be the doubters that think there is some sort of marketing magic going on but this guitar is the real deal. Check one out for yourself at your local Authorized Epiphone Dealer.



The Epiphone Les Paul Special II is our #1 seller… and there is no doubt why! You can grab one of these for less than $200 (street price) and it is perfect for most players… from beginners who are just starting out to  seasoned pros who want an inexpensive, quality-made guitar to play as is or modify to their specific tastes. Check this video out and for more information CLICK HERE.



Last week we featured  the Epiphone Les Paul Standard on and the response has been incredible. But… what’s not to love? The Epiphone Les Paul Standard model combines classic features and tone with legendary Epiphone quality and value. You should check it out.

CLICK HERE for more info.


Joe Bonamassa – What’s up with the two different sets of knobs?

Joe Bonamassa recently visited Nashville and while he was here our photographer got some great photos of him with a new Epiphone model that will be coming out very soon! And… while I was hanging with him I took full advantage of the situation and asked him to answer a question that inquiring guitarists want to know. What’s up with the two different sets of knobs? Well, according to Joe… it was something he came up with as a result of singing. It’s totally a feel thing… literally. By having two different sets of knobs on his guitar he can instantly tell where he’s at without having to back off the mic and look. Comes in handy for someone like Joe who manipulates much of his tone at the guitar. Now you know!


Web Features for July

We’ve been busy working on the features for July. We’ll be revealing a new signature model and… we’re taking an in-depth look at the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. With a street price under $500 this guitar provides all the Les Paul features and tone at a ridiculous value… it’s a GREAT guitar at a GREAT price!

Also, look for something new and different from our resident guitar hero Marcus Henderson! Keep an eye on for all of this and more!


Hey… These Knobs Don’t Match On This Guitar

There was a new model floating around Epiphone HQ today. It’s gonna be cool but Hey… These Knobs Don’t Match On This Guitar. And that’s perfectly fine! You’re gonna love this one.


What Comes With a New Epiphone Instrument?

There have been a lot of questions recently from our customers asking “what comes with a new Epiphone guitar?”  Here’s a list of what should be included when you purchase a new Epiphone instrument.  If you do not receive these items, please ask your authorized Epiphone retailer about them.

  1. User’s Manual – This covers all the basic information about the care and use of most all of our guitars.
  2. Warranty Information – This is included in with the User’s Manual.  You can fill out the form and send it in to us by mail.  But… it’s faster and easier to do it on-line at:

  1. 10’ Economy Cord – This comes with all electric and acoustic/electric instruments.
  2. 4. Epiphone Bumper Sticker
  3. 5. Epiphone 2-Sided Poster
  4. eSonic/eSonic-2 User’s Manual – This goes into details regarding the features, benefits and use of our preamp system that is used in most of our acoustic/electric guitars.  This comes with only acoustic/electric guitars.
  5. Truss Rod Adjustment Wrench – Remember… if you don’t know how to adjust your truss rod, don’t attempt it.  You could do permanent damage to your instrument.  If you think an adjustment is needed, take it to an authorized service center.

Additionally, some of our guitars are priced including hard case or gigbag.  Here’s a quick list of our current price list models that include cases.

  • Inspired by John Lennon Casino (‘1965” and “Revolution”):  Hard Case
  • SG-Express :  Gigbag
  • Emily the Strange G-310:  Gigbag (and strap)
  • Zakk Wylde ZV Custom:  Hard Case
  • LP-Express:  Gigbag
  • Les Paul “Tribute”:  Hard Case
  • All “Packs”:  Gigbag

*Note:  All hard cases include a locking latch with key.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Thanks for your business!!