it only looks expensive


We have been creating some new print ads lately and last week it was time to spotlight the new “Worn ’66 Wilshire“. The idea was to point out that this new version of a classic brings you incredible value (MSRP is a ridiculously low $632) with the tag line of… “It Only Looks Expensive”. To hammer the point home, we found the most luxurious car we could find in a local parking lot (BMW X5) and convinced the owner to hand over the keys for a half hour or so. The natural lighting was perfect and I fired off 60 or so frames from every possible angle. The final ad is below… you should be seeing it in music publications soon.

BTW… I couldn’t help but play this beauty for a few minutes after the session and man what a great guitar. These things are gonna be flying out of stores next month. You should check it out. CLICK HERE for more info.



1 Response to “it only looks expensive”

  1. October 9, 2009 at 7:29 am

    oh my god i can’t wait for this guitar to come out, it’s such a beauty I hope it’s available in mexico city right away

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