new print ads coming soon


We are wrapping up work on a couple of new print ads. They will appear in music publications in the near future and feature the new 1959 Les Paul Standard and the Thunderbird Pro Bass.


2 Responses to “new print ads coming soon”

  1. 1 Tom
    September 21, 2009 at 8:51 am

    I saw an ad ( ? ) about your new reissue of a hollowbody electric guitar & Of course I didn’t write down anything, I figured I’d get it next time & Now I can’t find it & musiciansfriend.com thinks I’m talking about an Emperor or a broadway & U know its the only one U make in BURGANDY not wine red…..can U help ? what is the name of it ? or the code # I think it was $799 or $899……..& where did I see it ?

    I also saw another ad ( OK could have been a blurp ) about Ur new hollowbody & acoustic -electric basses…..I think about the lower end of the $319 range ? ? ? ? ? ? ? where do I look these items up & U can’t sell them if Nobody knows about them…..

    I lost My ’49 Epiphone acoustic mahagany guitar in a van roll over in ’75. All I saved was the neck ( Oh, & what a nexk it was ) I left it with an older music teacher in Whittier California & the last time I was out there, He was long gone & He was a great guy. First & only time I played a Staruvarius violin ( Its spelled wrong, But I played it ) I don’t expect U 2 know anything about My acoustic neck, but, what about Ur new reissue HBE & what about Ur 2 new acoustic-electric & / or hollowbody basses ?
    Thank U 4 ANY help.
    T Stephen Van Greene ( people who know Me call Me Tom )

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